La méthode Fit Active

Promote autonomy and independence through physical activity, for older adults living in residences


The Fit Active Method identifies the different levels of functional abilities of older adults. Aging affects the human body in every major bodily systems: from mental health to physical health. Fit Active method is here to share the benefits of physical activity in a safe, accessible and inclusive way.

  • Weekly group training sessions offered by certified trainers

  • Break the social isolation of seniors by creating safe spaces of belonging.

Our Story

From her past as a Canadian national athlete, the founder has spent considerable time in fitness centers. Now retired from competitive sport but still active, it was brought to her attention that more and more seniors want to train but find it difficult to find anything that applies to their needs. There are “Gold” versions of conventional workouts, but the strength of the Fit Active Method is its muscular endurance component, which aims to slow down or even reverse the negative effects of the aging body. The Fit Active Method is a training method designed for the specific needs and concerns of older adults. Training is provided by certified professionals specialized in physical activity for seniors.

Lindsay Belzie
Founder of the Fit Active Method


The relationship between living well and our physical abilities are very strong. It can be difficult to incorporate exercise as aging impacts our overall quality of life. A lack of exercise accompanied by a sedentary lifestyle also affects our mood, self-confidence and long-term health. Some of the benefits, to name a few, of physical activity are prolonging autonomy, independence and slowing down the body’s aging process.

The Active Fit method is a program specifically designed for seniors. We offer a variety of effective workout plans and work with seniors to workouts. In addition to physical fitness, we incorporate an activity of daily living (ADL) component and neuroplasticity exercises because it is important to stay mobile and healthy, well into old age.

Weekly group workouts led by a certified trainer Weekly assessments to track progress Workshops on fall prevention, etc. Quarterly individual consultations with the multidisciplinary team The use of basic equipment such as kettle bells and dumbbells etc.

  • Weekly group training sessions headed by a certified training

  • Weekly evaluation to monitor progress

  • Four workshops on fall prevention, stress management, flexibility and the importance of movement

  • Quarterly individual consultations with a trainer and nutrition coach

  • The use of basic equipment such as kettlebells and dumbbells etc.



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